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Points East Coastal Drive businesses flourish when they collaborate.

Island East Tourism Group promotes tourism along the eastern coast of Prince Edward Island known as Points East Coastal Drive and offers information on attractions, accommodations, dining, events, and activities in this region. The organization aims to showcase the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational opportunities of the area to visitors.

Island East Tourism Group is a not for profit organization that is committed to fostering growth, prosperity, and community among all local businesses. Through tailored funding opportunities, marketing support, engaging networking events, business web listings, and beyond, we provide our members with the essential tools to thrive in a competitive tourism market.

The Points East Coastal Drive organization collaborates with local businesses, communities, and government agencies, specifically Tourism PEI and ACOA to develop and promote tourism initiatives. We manage two Visitor Information Centers located in Montague and St Peters and provide resources such as maps, itineraries, and guides to help visitors explore the region. Additionally, we may host events and festivals throughout the year to highlight the unique offerings of the Points East Coastal Drive region.

We often highlight attractions such as lighthouses, our 50 beaches brand, hiking trails, historical sites, local artisans, and culinary experiences. We collaborate with local businesses to offer packages and initiatives to encourage visitors to explore the diverse offerings of the region. Our marketing goals are to showcase the unique charm and character of each community along the coast while providing memorable opportunities for tourists.

Product Development is a big part of our work with our operators. We work on enhancing and diversifying their tourism product offerings within Points East Coastal Drive by leveraging funding grants provided by our funders to assist in opportunities for new attractions, experiences, and infrastructure improvements.

Overall, regional tourism associations play a crucial role in driving tourism growth, supporting local economies, and enhancing the visitor experience within their respective regions.

Our Board of Directors

Executive Director: Lori MacGregor

Chairman: Craig Ono

Vice Chair: Mary Ritchie

Treasurer: Sebastian Manago


Dave McGuire
Jarrod Gunn McQuillan
Keith Samuel
Treena MacLeod
Jeffrey Haight

Membership Benefits

Points East Coastal Drive web listing (includes a photo and a description of your business)

Points East Coastal Drive social media promotion and discounts for marketing activities. 

Island East Tourism Group weekly e-news communication and TIAPEI e-news bulletins