Island East Tourism Group

Points East
Coastal Drive

Points East Tourism Group

Points East Coastal Drive businesses flourish when they collaborate.

Points East Coastal Drive (PECD) is the only tourism group recognized by the Province of Prince Edward Island, ACOA, and TIAPEI to represent your tourism interests in Eastern PEI.

It is critical that PECD members are consulted on tourism policy issues and that PECD be an active participant in the development of tourism policy. Together we can make all of our businesses thrive.

Our mission is to drive economic prosperity for Points East Coastal Drive businesses and boost the tourism economy through the development and promotion of unparalleled personally-enriching experiences that showcase the region’s natural coastal beauty, vibrant communities and rich cultural heritage, all year round.

Our Board of Directors

Executive Director: Lori MacGregor

Chairman: Craig Ono

Vice Chair: Mary Ritchie

Treasurer: Sebastian Manago


Martina MacDonald
Dave McGuire
Jarrod Gunn McQuillan
Keith Samuel
Treena MacLeod
Mary Ritchie
Jeffrey Haight

Membership Benefits

Points East Coastal Drive web listing (includes a photo and a description of your business)

Points East Coastal Drive social media promotion and discounts for marketing activities. 

Island East Tourism Group weekly e-news communication and TIAPEI e-news bulletins